Product Development Research

Stohos Research offers unique services in the sector of product testing and development
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Advertising testing

Stohos Research has long experience in the development and optimisation of advertising campaigns
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B to B and professional research

We have serious expertise in conducting B to B and professional studies and are one of the pioneers in Medical research in Greece
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Central Location Testing

Unique services in concept, product and advertising testing. See our simulated Mini Market
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Stohos Research was one of the first research companies in Greece and has a unique range of experience with all the stages of market development in a multitude of categories. Our experience with traditional Greek markets, through Greek and international products, paired with the experience in truly international markets give us the ability to understand the needs of the client and develop the project strategy to cover them.

Our clients are Greek companies , ranging from individual shop keepers or professionals to the largest industries with international presence, Multinational companies and Research Companies that are seeking a reliable partner for their projects in Greece.

Some of the categories of products and services we have worked on are :



- Stock Cubes - Spices - Milk
- Soups - Ice Cream - Fruit Juices
- Pouree - Chewing gum - Tonic drinks
- Mayonnaise - Salty snacks - Bottled water
- Ketchup - Cheese

- Beer

- Yogurt - Chocolates - Wine
- Desserts - Bisquits - Alcoholic drinks
- Frozen vegetables - Baby food - Coffee
- Frozen fish - Pizzas  
- Σοκολατούχο γάλα - Salami/sausages  
- Pasta    


- Shampoos - Hypertension
- Deodorants - Cholesterol
- Colognes - Analgesics
- Hair colouring - Anti-inflammatories
- Face Creams - Antiallergics
- Toothpaste - Antibiotics
- Soaps/shower gels - Cancer treatment
- Slimming aids - Anti-depressants
- Makeup products - Alzheimer Treatment
- Cosmetic food supplements - OAB treatment
- White appliances - Banking
- Audiovisual appliances - Insurance
- Air conditioning - Magazines/Newspapers
- Cars - TV channels
- Furniture

- Fast Food chains

- House paints

- Optimisation of outlets


- Customer satisfaction (B to B)

  - Transportation

- Lotteries